Growing Season® Co-Design

growing-seasonGrowing Season® is a four-step Co-Design Process

During the process the organization and its users seek solutions that support daily activities. Growing Season® uses Co-Design methods in all phases of the process.

The Co-Design process happens in close co-operation with the customer:

  • Users are involved in every stage of the design process
  • Tilassa facilitates and chooses the appropriate methods eg. for workshops
  • Results from the process can be displayed and utilized for the benefit of a stronger and more creative organization

The Analysis gives clear guidelines for decisions

In the Analysis phase the data from participatory methods is grouped. The data covers five aspects:

  • Functionality
  • Co-Operation
  • Objects
  • Users
  • Environment and surroundings

Material is sorted into five visual “seeds”, which guarantees that analyzed data is a clearly understandable basis for decisions. The analysis seeks for links and cause-and-effect relationships.

The result is an objective view of the needs of users and the goal of the organization.

The Benefits of Co-Design are many – you can only win

Growing Season WorkShop Tikkurilan lukio

Growing Season WorkShop Tikkurilan lukio

The studies show that Co-Design adds the feelings of well-being, individual ownership and appreciation. It can help to overcome the changes in organization and support a positive attitude towards change. It also adds commitment to the organizational. User-driven thinking and inclusion can become a part of the organization’s daily operating culture.

As a result, the process offers clearly recorded material for further development. The analyzed data is objective and equal.

Co-Design process can grow the effectiveness of the organization  5-50% (Vischer, J. 2005).

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